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Welcome to Self Trade, a software platform used by traders worldwide in the commodities, shares, and forex markets to generate highly accurate buy and sell signals. Please take your time learning about the features that the Self Trades Trading Systems in India are packed with. Traders all over the world have used Self Trades Systems. Self Trades Each component was carefully planned and programmed to concentrate on reliable accuracy. Our trading systems are equipped with filters that, when configured with the golden ratio, will automatically provide extremely accurate buy and sell signals in all markets. With the aid of Self Trades technical analysis software, a novice trader can become a professional trader because it is simple to use, easy to understand and best trading software in India.

Self Trades Software

There are many different types of software available for trading in the Indian stock market. The best Indian stock market software is Self Trades. They offer a vast variety of features and tools that can help investors trade more effectively. Self Trades offers a variety of features that make it ideal for both beginner and experienced traders. The platform offers real-time statements and data and is simple to use and navigate. Additionally, it provides a selection of charting tools that can be used to analyze market trends.

Say no to trading losses and get ready to consistently profit in the MCX, NSE, NCDEX, MCX SX, Forex, and COMEX markets like professional traders do with the aid of Self Trades, one of the best and most precise buy-sell signal software programs and ideal technical analysis indicator systems currently on the market. Using the Self Trade buy-sell signal software is easy; you don’t need any prior trading experience or technical knowledge. The ease of use was taken into consideration when professional traders created the Self Trades technical analysis software.

Tech + Other Features
Built on the core of robust technology with access to:

Trading Mediums
Stay on top of your portfolio Trade Anytime. Trade from Anywhere.

app  Trade Via Mobile App

enjoy 1-click trade execution across various asset classes.

trade website  Trade Via Software

Log onto login to place orders online, track transactions, invest in IPO, Transfer Funds, Track Portfolio and view intraday and historical charts with technical studies.

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Why Choose Us?

2-4 Calls/Day

We provide 2-4 calls per day making
sure that you don’t miss the

20 - 40% Profit on Capital

We try our best to provide you with profit after you take our calls.

20 - 40% Profit on Capital

Get Calls based on Market Analysis
we have a team of analysts who study the market for you.
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A Recap of our Growth So Far

We have always wanted to grow and multiply in order to reach infinity and beyond. We have pioneered Algo trading and intend to continue so as trading enters a new era. Through the acquisition of several businesses, we were able to expand our product offerings and reach more customers. 

We are the only Indian firm to provide both an Android and a PC version of our chart. Our platform offers real-time buy-sell signals across all market areas for all types of traders in India. The best stock trading software, Self Trades, rules every market segment. The option of a free trial is also available for our app version for one day.

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