Trailing Stop Loss

By taking into account all of these, our programmers created trailing stop loss features with Self Trades, which is one of the best and most accurate technical analysis and buy sell signal software’s main features.

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Fake Call Detection

Self Trade’s software uses the most sophisticated Price Channels to help every trader easily identify the major trend reversal lines with extremely precise Support and Resistance Points. The price channel is plotted as a line to help traders quickly determine the market’s trend and identify false calls

Professional Tech Support

Self Trade’s technical analysis software was created by experienced traders across all categories, making it among the best tools for generating buy and sell signals for intraday, short-term, and positional trading.

Accuracy above 95%

Self Trade’s software accuracy exceeds 95% thanks to a thorough technical analysis of software calls. You will be guided in making accurate calls by our indicators. With the aid of the SELF TRADES Software, even a novice can become a professional trader and generate consistent profits from trading in the commodity, share, and currency markets without any additional training.

Trade in All Markets

Self trades software 100% custom-coded indicators and professional traders’ extensive experience assist in providing Buy Sell signals. One software is effective in the commodity (MCX, COMEX, NCDEX), stock (NSE Cash, Futures, Options), currency (FOREX, MCX SX), and futures and options markets.

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100% Free Future Updates

The research team at Self Trade is constantly keeping an eye on how the global financial markets are changing and, with the help of our programming team, developing new market-specific strategies. The new version and updates will be installed completely free for our current clients once our R&D team has successfully completed the trial-and-error test.